Sell Ethereum in Ukraine for hryvnia

If you are afraid of exchange rate instability or need fiat money, you can sell Ethereum for hryvnia. The ChangeIT service exchanges only at the current rate, so you can always track the growth dynamics of ETH.
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If you are afraid of exchange rate instability or need fiat money, you can sell Ethereum for hryvnia. The ChangeIT service exchanges only at the current rate, so you can always track the growth dynamics of ETH.
From 2 000 to 25 000 UAH.
Monthly limit
150 000 UAH
without additional fees

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Benefits of exchanging Ethereum for UAH with us

  • advantages-fast


    The ChangeIt service provides a simplified, fast and reliable cryptocurrency exchange process in just a few minutes.

  • AdvantagesProfit


    With the online service ChangeIT, sell Ethereum at a favorable rate and without hidden fees

  • AdvantagesReliable


    The ChangeIt service guarantees a reliable cryptocurrency exchange process and the security of your transactions

User stories

ChangeIt is rated 4.7 / 5 based on 122 reviews on Trustpilot

I am one of the pioneers. In Ukraine, for sure. I have been an active user of online cryptocurrency exchangers for 4 good years now, and I have something to compare with. ChangeIt is the first service where it took only 10 minutes to solve my question! Out of habit, I compare the bitcoin rate before each transaction, and here is the ChangeIt plus sign again. Safe, fast and very profitable.

I started dealing with bitcoins not so long ago, but I already have the first successes. And in this, I think, my right choice of a cryptocurrency exchange service played a key role. With ChangeIt, everything is so fast, clear and profitable. Why didn’t anyone tell me before that cryptocurrencies are so simple?)

Today I did my first Ethereum transaction on ChangeIt and made a huge mistake due to inattention. I know that trying to fix / return / prove / restore something does not make sense, but I have already reconciled myself. But I took a chance. I asked for support and received not only prompt feedback, but also real help! Customer focus at the highest level! Special thanks to Andrey. ChangeIt, you are a delight! Now I am your client. I promise to be careful.)

Once I already had experience with ChangeIt, in general, everything was not bad, but the speed of operations was not impressive. Now I'm here again, and it's something! Guys, I don't know what you did, but the crypto exchange works like a Swiss watch! I would be very surprised to see at least one negative review about this exchanger. Highly recommend!


How and where to sell Ethereum for hryvnia

The most popular cryptocurrency after bitcoin is Ethereum, so more and more people are wondering how and where to sell ether profitably, quickly, reliably and without risks. We offer our online ChangeIt service because our reputation is important to us and we always try to meet these criteria.

Selling Ethereum is as easy as buying it for hryvnia. Our service has a simple and easy to use interface, so that the client can quickly complete the sale of Ethereum. You will not have any problems with a foreign exchange transaction, even if you are faced with this for the first time. You can sell Ethereum in just a few steps:

go to our website of the online service ChangeIt;

choose the currency with which you want to exchange cryptocurrency

enter the number of ethereums that you want to sell for hryvnia and other required fields of the exchange form;

confirm the ether exchange transaction and your electronic wallet will receive the amount of electronic coins that you exchanged.

The ChangeIt online service works automatically, so you can sell Ethereum at any time, and the payment processing time takes a few seconds. Although you can easily sell ether for hryvnia using any gadget on our online service, being anywhere in the world, the most convenient way to pay in just a couple of minutes. But it is the speed of confirmation in the Ethereum system that decides the speed of the transaction transfer.

Our online service ChangeIt is a reliable and secure cryptocurrency exchange platform in Ukraine. We value our reputation and guarantee you a safe exchange of ethereum while keeping your data safe. If you want to profitably sell ether, we will buy ethereum offering a good selling rate without any hidden fees.

Sell ​​your ether quickly and easily using your wallet on our online service today, we guarantee a good rate and security of the transaction!