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The Changeit referral program is favorable conditions and an excellent source of passive income in working with cryptocurrency.
Earn yourself and help your friends earn.
How it works?
Get a percentage for each invited user. It's simple: the greater the trading volume of your referrals, the higher your profit.

How to join?

Three simple steps - and you are a member of the affiliate program.
Register and get your unique referral link.
Share the link with your friends and get a referral bonus - 1% of the amount of each transaction of your referrals
Track the total balance of earned bonuses and withdraw funds in part or in full at a convenient time for you.

For your comfort

Personal account
Study referral statistics and keep track of your earnings in a convenient and functional personal account. Find out when and by whom of the users you invited transactions were made, as well as track the status of your bonuses (withdrawn or on balance) and the amount of your earnings.

Join now!

Become a member of the program, create a network of referrals and start earning with us right now.


  • General

How many referral links can I create?

For what actions of referrals will bonuses be awarded to me?

How to calculate your referral bonus?

What is the maximum number of referrals I can have?

Can we be mutual referrals with a friend?

Where can I track my referral statistics?

When will the reward be credited to my account?

How long does it take to withdraw bonus funds?